Welcome to The New Ashford West!

Welcome to the Ashford West website. The site includes all AWCA legal documents as well as monthly meeting minutes, financial information, ACC request forms, etc. If you have any specific requests for something you would like us to include, please e-mail us at ashfordwest@gmail.com.

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New document is posted on our website concerning exterior maintenance guidelines. Please review and ensure compliance as we strive to improve the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood.

Exterior Maintenance Guideline

Car Stickers!

If you have not already done so, we highly recommend putting the new Ashford West car stickers on the driver's side of the rear windshield. This will assist the precinct 5 constable with identifying which vehicles belong to our neighborhood. If you are in need of additional stickers, please contact us at ashfordwest@gmail.com


Pool Access

Our pool is a “swim at your own risk” facility.  No lifeguards are provided.

Effective June 1, 2013 a new limited access control system was put into place.  The system will require an Access Key Fob assigned to your household.  To enter the pool or clubhouse areas, the Key Fob will be placed on the Fob Reader and the gate will be released.  Cameras will be in place for additional security. This will replace the former gate combination locks. One Key Fob will be issued to each household free of charge. Replacement or additional Key Fobs will cost $25.  It will be good for one year. Checks only. Make checks payable to “Ashford West Community Association.”

In order to obtain an Access Key Fob, one must meet the following requirements:

    1. Provide proof of residency in Ashford West Community Association, e.g. Texas Driver’s License with current address, or utility bill with your address and name on it.
    2. Sign “Release, Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risks & Indemnity/Hold Harmless Agreement.”
    3. All Maintenance Fees are paid.
    4. Maintain homeowner’s or personal liability insurance coverage that will cover the user, their family, and guests.
    5. The Minimum age for a Qualified Resident is 18 years of age unless parental permission is given for 16 year or 17 year old by signing on their waiver agreeing to be responsible for the actions of their minor child.
    6. Agree to follow the pool rules.

Access Key Fobs can be obtained through PCMI, who will contact the pool supervisor and set up an appointment to meet at the clubhouse to sign the waiver and issue the Access Key Fob. All adults and qualified teens must sign the waiver.

Contact PCMI at 281-870-0585. Pool Rules will be issued as part of the waiver.